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Welcome to FinTech Fridays with Gadgette. For most of us that are on-the-go Monday through to Friday; being busy with our careers, families are other commitments, FinTech Fridays is your dedicated weekly one-stop-shop for all the latest news within the world of Financial Technology and tips on Digital Banking which you may have missed out on.


Elon Musk has stated that a disagreement over the number of phoney accounts on Twitter might jeopardise his $44 billion proposal to acquire the social media network. The tech billionaire stated on Twitter that the purchase "cannot proceed forward" until Twitter proves that less than 5% of daily users are bogus or spam accounts.


A couple weeks ago, Elon Musk closed a $44 billion cash agreement to buy Twitter, transferring control of the social media network populated by millions of users and world leaders to the world's richest person. It's a watershed moment for the 16-year-old firm, which rose to become one of the world's most influential public squares but now faces a slew of obstacles.

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